Wednesday, April 25, 2012

CMPD report: Crime up in 2012

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police on Wednesday released first-quarter crime statistics for 2012. And in a sharp contrast from the past three years, the crime index is up by 12 percent.

Click here to read the full report from police, including a breakdown of crimes by division.

Among the highlights:

-- There were 1,208 reported violent crimes from January to March, an increase of 23 percent over the first three months of 2011. 
-- Property crimes also were up in the first quarter, with 7,427 reported incidents versus 6,727 for the same period a year ago. 
-- Homicides doubled in the opening quarter, with 12 this year versus 6 this time last year. By comparison, there were 15 homicides in the final quarter of 2011, according to the report. 
-- Vehicle thefts are down nearly 12 percent. Through March, 397 of the thefts had been reported compared to 450 for this time last year

Whether the trend will continue for the rest of the year is left to be seen. Police said preliminary figures from the first three weeks of April has dropped the 2012 crime rate to some 7.8 percent.

--April Bethea


  1. A few years back, when the crime went down, I remember someone took the credit very promptly. Now that it is going up, should not the same one take the blame?

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  4. The recent developments in the case against Victoria Sprouse prove prosecutorial misconduct and a deire to promote ones own political career at the expence and freedom of a person who can't afford to defend themself. Meanwhile back at the ranch, career criminals go unhampered wreaking havoc on the public.

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  6. This is a beautiful city! We bought our home here and plan to raise our family her just plan to do it outside the city limits now. I have only been her 3 month and I have to admit I'm scared of this place. I came from Buffalo NY where the crime is bad but down here people are just down right ruthless. I had a gun pulled on me in a area I was told isn't bad, my wife was almost car jacked in an area that is bad but is on her path home and she almost can't avoid it with out going 30 minutes out of her way. I love the south I was born and raised in WV and I have family all over but when it come to Charlotte it's just bad. I'm going to stay because I see so much potential in this place but I am for sure going to become a active part in my community and do my part in trying to turn some of this beautiful city around.

  7. No wonder crime is up.

    On July 20th Officer Regis Sanner of the Mecklenburg PD was spending an awful lot of time at Renaissance Park "patrolling" the area while his two sons played in a baseball tournament. Conveniently he drove around the parking lot for several hours between 1-4:30pm. I was behind him in a car as he drove 5MPH along the fence line watching his sons play baseball while on duty.

    You would think that the PD would have GPS on their cars and could tell where the guy was the whole time he was "working" on our tax dollars. The car was running the whole time so it would show he was at least in the car I guess.

    His son's play for the Indian Trail Intimidators and this kind of abuse of public funds should be stopped. If he is working he needs to be REALLY working.

  8. The Breakdown of crimes by division is broken, 404.

    Something should be done about the rampant crime in the University City area of Charlotte.

    1. Stay informed!

  9. In other news today......grass is green, and the sky is still blue.

  10. Welcome to the NEW SOUTH! In the old days Charlotte was a classey city. What you see in Charlotte today is a result of what moved into town!

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    Scary stuff.

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