Monday, December 19, 2011

Nearly a third of Americans are arrested by age 23

A UNC Charlotte criminologist is getting national buzz this morning for a new study he led showing nearly a third of all Americans have been arrested by age 23. The study, out today in the journal Pediatrics, is also summarized today by the New York Times in this story.

The study, by UNCC criminal justice professor Robert Brame, shows a significantly higher arrest rate than in 1965, when a similar study was done. It leaves several key questions unanswered, however, including the impact of racial or regional differences. Still, interesting findings.

Why do you think the arrest rates for young adults might be rising?


  1. I think we all know the racial differences.

    But doesn't this whole story contradict the "other" story we hear all the time.

    Namely, that crime is down?

    After all, that isn't just what we hear about Charlotte, but apparently across the country.

    Maybe it's just confined to a more narrow subset of the population?

    But this study won't tell us that, will it?

  2. But do the kids arrested even care?

  3. Two words: LEGALIZE MARIJUANA!!!

  4. I can believe his numbers when we criminalize behavior that used to be handled with the principal's belt. Given that the most minor of fights on school grounds today brings criminal charges thanks to zero tolerance, it is small wonder that so many youth today have an arrest record.

  5. Lack of parental guidance as there are more one parent homes, predominantly lacking a father figure in lower income areas, the inability to discipline a child physical as it is then called child abuse and the glorification of the "thug life" by rappers all contribute to this. Throw in the fact that our court systems only let them back out and they have no fear at all of the consequences. It's a damn shame and the parents are predominantly responsible

  6. It is due to the fact out liberal folks thinks crime should NOT be punished! When you tell a person kicking down your door steal your stuff that it is NOT a crime, but an INSURANCE issue, YOU send the message CRIME IS OK!

    Then you have kids who are being raised by "the system" you know the streets! Parents are either dealing drugs, in prison or no where to be found.

    Then you tell the entitled go ahead, have more babies, we gotcha!

    WHAT DO YOU EXPECT TO HAPPEN TO CRIME????? It is called COMMON SENSE! ALL crimes and criminals should be punished!

  7. What I don't understand is why it's apparently so difficult for people to NOT smoke marijuana.

    I mean, it IS illegal, so why tempt fate?

    It's supposedly not addictive, so there's no excuse, is there?

    Seems to me that this would be an easy "crime" to stop.

    It's like the ban they had on drinking absinthe.

    That was illegal, too, from 1915-2007.

    Hardly anyone missed it.

    Why not the same with marijuana?

  8. I think there are probably a number of reasons for this trend. For one, there are so many things that can get one arrested that it is ridiculous. I'm all for law and order but some things just need to be changed in that area. Another issue is the schools. It used to be that you'd get suspended for fighting; now you get arrested. Throw in absent parents, overzealous cops, and a lack of respect for self and others, and it's not surprising that you get these numbers.