Thursday, August 18, 2011

Video: "Beyond Scared Straight" comes to Mecklenburg jail

Tonight, the Mecklenburg County Sheriff's juvenile crime intervention program will take the national spotlight with the season premiere of "Beyond Scared Straight" on A&E.

The TV series will highlight the county's Reality Program, which gives at-risk youth a glimpse of what it's like in Mecklenburg jail.

For a sneak peak, click here to watch a clip from the episode. The video shows the jail's Direct Action Response Team (DART), which is trained to remove unruly inmates from their cells.

To read more about the program and the show, click here.

The episode, which was filmed at Mecklenburg jail in June, airs at 10 p.m.

-Meghan Cooke

An inmate intimidates 15-year-old Jeiza during the Reality Program at the Mecklenburg jail. At right, in the red jail uniform, is Sabrina Ann Black, a 26-year-old awaiting trial on a murder charge. Photo courtesy of Arnold Shapiro Productions.


  1. My grandfather used to be Sheriff of Mecklenburg County and was in charge of the jail. When I was a kid he used to take me down to the jail cells to get a look myself. That was my own real life Scared Straight episode. It sure left a lasting impression on me.

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  4. hey all I have to repost as it didn't look like to me it posted, I was going to explain I think it would be a good new idea to start with not just teens anymore but with all grown adults of all ages to be in the jail to see the program to help them get the idea what life is like in there because many many have not ever been in jail before and do not know what it is like inside there. I think it woild be essential for adults to be placed in there to learn what it is like and daily life in there sleeping eating and or sitting up in there even in cells what it feels like inside that place, this will help educate those to say out of trouble and not take the law in wrong way as the laws are the laws cant be ignored, and for those to caution what they do out here can get them into trouble and I think it would actually be essential if anyone learns it it will help lessen crimes even more out here in the community. I would do it if had to... to learn something and say ok never will want to be locked up after learning what life is like inside a jail I haven't been in one and don't know what that's like at all