Wednesday, June 1, 2011

City releases report on uptown unrest

On Wednesday, the city of Charlotte released its first detailed report about last weekend's unrest in uptown, showing the time line of events that began Saturday evening with disorderly crowds and led up to a fatal shooting early Sunday. The following is the city's report:

An operational plan for 2011 Speed Street was developed forecasting personnel and equipment needs based upon events that occurred during Speed Street 2010. On duty and off duty personnel were staffed in the Center City and additional officers assigned to the Civil Emergency Unit (CEU) were on standby in their assigned divisions. The CEU officers were equipped and ready to respond upon activation to provide support to the Central Division officers and the officers working the Speed Street event in a Secondary Employment capacity.

On May 28, 2011, beginning at 6 p.m., the intersection of E. Trade Street and S College Street experienced a surge of youth between the ages of ten and twenty five years of age. This crowd was not attending the Speed Street event. The pedestrian crowd cruised the Center City area outside of the speed street event.

At approximately 7:30 p.m., the crowd surged again and based on crowd growth and behavior, Command activated the additional Civil Emergency Unit from the divisions according to the Speed Street Operations Plan. The first CEU squad was in place within 20 minutes. CEU officers were in standard police uniform and at no time during the evening was there a need for them to transition to protective gear which includes helmets/ shields, etc.

Several times during the night, groups of individuals would chant, display hand signs and yell “gun” causing groups of people to run. Firecrackers were set off by individuals in the crowd. Several arrests were made for criminal offenses such as disorderly conduct and public affray based on a no tolerance policy for this type of behavior by individuals. Vehicular and pedestrian traffic was maintained throughout the evening.

At 11:30 p.m., pedestrian traffic increased in the Trade Street/College Street area due to the conclusion of the Speed Street event. Officers continued to maintain pedestrian and vehicle traffic in the affected area and dealt with several fights and altercations. One fight which occurred in front of the Ritz Carlton Hotel resulted in the response of a CEU squad and Central Division officers. One of those involved in the fight confronted officers and became combative and a TASER was deployed to affect the arrest of the suspect. During the arrest of this individual and others involved in the fight, the crowd on the sidewalk east of the incident began running toward the arrest scene as someone further down the street yelled “gun” causing the crowd to charge the officers. Officers formed a barrier to keep the crowd separated from the officers involved in the arrest.

At approximately 1:30 a.m. Sunday morning, an officer working a traffic control point at 3rd Street and College Street reported by radio multiple shots fired. Central Division bicycle officers and foot patrol officers were on the scene in less than one minute locating two gunshot victims. It is believed that there was a confrontation between two groups who knew each other which lead to the homicide.

During the night, officers made several arrests for a variety of charges which are listed below:

: 76
MALE: 66

2nd Degree Trespass: 3
Assault on a Female: 2
Assault on a Officer: 2
City/Town Violation: 1
Disorderly Conduct: 33
Failure to Disperse on Command: 1
Impeding Traffic: 3
Intoxicated & Disruptive: 9
Littering Under 15 lbs: 1
Obstructing Sidewalk: 6
Open Container: 1
Possession of Marijuana: 4
Public Affray: 14
Resist/Obstruct/Delay: 22
NOTE: Several suspects had multiple charges

Though the Center City area experienced large crowds and several fights, the fights were limited to small groups of individuals. Control of the Center City was maintained at all times.

The CMPD is still gathering details and reviewing video footage of the events that occurred and that information will be used in preparing for future events.


  1. "It is believed that there was a confrontation between two groups who knew each other which lead to the homicide."

    I really think it's time we started ridiculing people who don't know how to spell the past tense of the verb "to lead".

  2. therestofthestoryJune 1, 2011 at 11:37 PM

    Judge Manning nee.ds to know what kind of people he is trying to "protect". It is time to put law abiding and responsible people back in the front of the line.

  3. Worthless toady report.

    "Control of the Center City was maintained at all times."

    A transparently ridiculous lie.

  4. So when will the Observer request the 911 tapes from that night? How many calls from law abiding citizens went unanswered? How many called for help from the Speed Street event? These gangs were there, intimidating people, daring them to cross streets among them.

    Why has the Observer refused to report these type incidents?

  5. My wife and I went to see movie at Epicentre on Saturday evening. When we left at 10:00pm to drive home - there was an element of surmounting tension that was going to lead to destruction, violence, etc...

    While the police presence was noticeable, the crowd was simply too large. The amount of "cruisers", loiterers, and those who were looking to initiative trouble.

    I hate to say it - but we felt unsafe as the mob mentality was certainly escalating. The police worked hard at keeping people moving along but the element was taking over slowly.

  6. What a crock of shit

  7. Wow, but yet people think this place is paradise. Corruption, Corruption, Corruption. The CMPD is in bed with the press and technocrats of Charlotte. I am glad drudge picked up the mess from the weekend. I hope they change the DNC location :D

  8. Amazing how the city has failed to mention what i experienced. A group of young females walking barefoot on the light rail tracks blocking the movement of the trains. Also what about the incident at woodies convenient store near where i live. Approximately 45 young adults come in the store at the same time and stuff their pockets with merchandise and the ower locked the door and demanded they empty their pockets, the charged the door and stole things from the store. So why has this survelience not been published at the problem store. Amazing how the city only wants to show only what it wants to show. So i would call this rioting and melee, Do you not?

  9. It was a riot. The Observer and the city are too chicken to admit that we a have a problem with young black thugs. Yes I said "black" thugs. Before you start calling me names, I ask you to tell me one time that whites in this city have had a riot,give me an example,just one is all I'm asking for. Go ahead, I'm waiting.......

  10. I keep hearing that Speedstreet was not affected by the unrest Saturday night. I know for a fact that part of Speedstreet (MLK between Tryon and College) was closed just before 9PM and remained closed for the remainder of the evening. People trying to get to the coke stage on MLK were told to go to the adjacent streets (3rd & Stonewall).

  11. To bad Scotty can't beam up all the people involved in the non-riot to somewhere like Mars. I'll be crime in Charlotte would go down a lot as a result.

  12. Sounds like the police did their job. They made the arrests. Now let's see what the courts do with it. If there's no punishment- it will be worse next assured.

  13. So this was a confrontation between two gangs that had no connection with Speedstreet other than the fact it occurred nearby a few hours after Speedstreet ended. Is that right?

  14. Am I the only person with a conceal carry permit? Tihs is third world mentality displayed by a lost generation. I am asahmed to be an African American adult male fearing I will be associated with these thug animals without any parental upbringing, especially with their absent sperm donors being involved in their lives. I would love to exterminate the cowards one dread locked, sagging pants one at a time.

  15. Anonymous said...
    It was a riot. The Observer and the city are too chicken to admit that we a have a problem with young black thugs. Yes I said "black" thugs. Before you start calling me names, I ask you to tell me one time that whites in this city have had a riot,give me an example,just one is all I'm asking for. Go ahead, I'm waiting.......

    I could not agree more! These are the same thugs that ruined the 4th of July Celebration for the rest of us that know how to behave like civilized human beings. And that is farse that it is a "gang issue". The are white, latino, asian, and every other race of gang members...but they are not the ones causing riots. It is a "black issue", not a gang issue. It may not be PC, but it is the truth!

  16. I was there, and it was a full-scale riot! Innocent bystanders were assaulted, terrorized, and threatened by HUNDREDS of wanna-be "gangstas". I had my knife out ready to throw down, but myself and 3 others dodged the mass until a shot went off causing them to come back our way. Rental cops (3) from Allied Barton were the only ones around and were powerless. Not to mention ZERO officers were on the trains. I would not recommend anyone attend a major event downtown unless drastic measures are commenced immediately.

  17. Well, when you have a large group of worthless, jobless, thugs this is bound to happen. When these people gather, trouble is bound to happen. My hat is off to CMPD! Severely out numbered and probably out gunned by these idiots, they regained control. Too bad they can't just shoot these "gangstas" in their mouth then they start to run them.

  18. CMPD has the media in back pocket cause it's required to get any info. CMPD will turn on you on a dime if you report against them. Ask some of the local stations. I'm not kidding!

  19. I seen all the post here talking about it's black's or gang activity that caused all the problems uptown what difference does it make what they are black brown or white. The really problem is no one want's to accept responsibility for there own actions. They want to blame the police or the education system when they should look at home that's where the problem started. How can you expect teens and 20 somethings to be responsible when there parents are absent. Instead of raising there kids with good values there out at the club or in a crack house. If people don't started taking responsibility for there self and the kids they have then this is only going to get worse much worse. The cops on the street should be committed for the excellent job they do considering what they have to put up with.