Thursday, April 14, 2011

South most violent region in nation?

South Carolina was named the ninth most violent state and North Carolina ranks 19th, according to the 2011 U.S. Peace Index that measures states by level of peacefulness -- or “the absence of violence.”

The South is the least peaceful region in the United States, based on the study conducted by the Institute for Economics and Peace.

Louisiana was ranked as the least peaceful state and Maine ranked as the most peaceful state. The Northeast was found to be the most peaceful region in the U.S., followed by the Midwest and then the West region.

Nine of the ten most violent states are from the South. Only two states in the South are ranked in the top 20 most peaceful states: West Virginia and Kentucky.

When determining rankings, the U.S. Peace Index takes into account the number of homicides, violent crimes, jailed population, police officers, and availability of small arms.

Started in 1991, the peace index seeks to further the understanding of what makes a peaceful community and help quantify the economic benefits that could result from an increase in peace. The authors estimate that if the U.S. had the same levels of peacefulness as Canada then state and federal governments could save $89 billion in expenditures and generate $272 billion in additional economic activity, and create over 2.7 million additional jobs.

The authors estimate North Carolina could save $6.2 billion and South Carolina could save $4.3 if violence were reduced by 50 percent.

Here are 2011 rankings. The least peaceful states are ranked first.

1. Louisiana
2. Tennessee
3. Nevada
4. Florida
5. Alabama
6. Texas
7. Arkansas
8. Oklahoma
9. South Carolina
10. Maryland
11. Missouri
12. Georgia
13. New Mexico
14. Arizona
15. Delaware
16. Illinois
17. Mississippi
18. California
19. North Carolina
20. Michigan
21. Alaska
22. New York
23. Colorado
24. Kansas
25. New Jersey
26. Virginia
27. Indiana
28. Wyoming
29. Ohio
30. Pennsylvania
31. Kentucky
32. Wisconsin
33. West Virginia
34. Montana
35. Idaho
36. Connecticut
37. South Dakota
38. Oregon
39. Hawaii
40. Nebraska
41. Washington
42. Iowa
43. Rhode Island
44. Massachusetts
45. Utah
46. North Dakota
47. Minnesota
48. Vermont
49. New Hampshire
50. Maine

Note: Washington D.C. is excluded from the ranking list.

Photo: Aerial photo of Columbia, S.C.


  1. Paul from PeachlandApril 14, 2011 at 12:23 PM

    "Mountain justice."

    1. I have lived in the South all of my life. I have a college degree in chemistry, and have traveled extensively. Your comment is ignorant and baseless. If you would like to actually become and informed person, who makes intelligent remarks, you can start by looking up the statistical demographics of violence. Facts and statistics are readily available on the internet. Your comments are the equivalent of verbal masturbation. You are a bigot-no different from any other racist or bigot.

  2. Probably all your illegal friends, Franco, driving up those numbers. Face reality and deport them all and see the numbers go down.

  3. I think if you look at the racial composition in the top ten states vs the bottom ten states you will see something significant.

    Iowa, Utah, Vermont, Maine......WHITE.

  4. If you look at the political parties that dominate in the states on the top and bottom, you may see a corelation there as well.

  5. This is obviously because all of the nasty, raunchy, violent poor northerners have moved here in the recent years. They brought there problems with them. Did you notice that New York is now considered to be more peaceful than North Carolina? It's because all their thugs moved here. It's a sign of the last days.

    1. Do you know what they mean by "New York?" They mean New York State. If you'd ever visit the state, maybe you'd know New York State is not NYC. This being said, the state of New York has long been a less violent state than North Carolina. Look at the crime being committed in North Carolina - it's primarily born and bred North Carolinians.

  6. So what does this mean? Should we all move to another, less violent, state?

    Except for quoting statistics, this is a pointless article.

  7. To the poster who blamed all of us poor and violent Northerners, think again. Most of us are well-educated professionals, some of whom came for their jobs or to retire and who contribute to their newly adopted communities. My family, friends, and I are all quite comfortable, thank you very much. Look behind your own hatred and prejudice and look at things objectively and perhaps you find your answer or see your own reflection.

    1. The south has been bad but the person is right, the1990's is when northerns started to move down south and it has only gotten worse since then.

  8. Again to the poster who blamed Northerners .... PS. Perhaps NY has a lower rate of violence because criminals are prosecuted and not let back onto the streets -- not the "revolving door justice" you seem to have in Charlotte and other such places.

  9. States with more progressive governments and laws = less violent, more educated

  10. Break down those stats and you'll see who is the real problem...

    Same as ever.

  11. Anyone who knows American history knows the South has always been a much more violent place.

  12. Deport the hundreds of thousands of illegals then check numbers

    1. Are u Indian if not then we should probably deportment u because if u look at it Mexicans are aztecs which r indian which belong here more than urn ignorant white ass .

  13. To the guy who said "you seem to have in Charlotte," you're welcome to leave. You obviously have an issue with this place and believe me, you can ride that revolving door directly out of here.

    As for this peace index, part of it includes the "availability of small arms." Serious? So because one owns more guns than another that means it is a less peaceful place? You can get stats to say whatever you want when you come up with stupid statistical qualifiers such as that. That said, statistically by ratio North Carolina has a higher murder rate than NY. Not very hard to believe considering the the lackadasial way the federal government handles illegal immigration.

  14. It is no accident that the most violent region in the country also leads the nation in illegitmate births, infant mortality, gun ownership, poverty, and illiteracy. Yes, my fellow posters who hinted at some dark design behind these numbers were right. Clearly the blame belongs to: the domination of these states by the Republican Party for the last two generations! The statistics simply represent 40-50 years of the Republican model of governance in action: low taxes and lax regulation for business, little if any investment in infrastructure or social capital, and the use of racial and cultural wedge issues to fragment the political power of working- and middle-class voters. The result is a hollowed-out society in which a few persons and corporations are able to accumulate immense wealth while everyone else (99% of us) live in constant anxiety and uncertainty. And this is the model that Haley Barbour, Nicky Haley, Bobby Jindal, et al want to export to the nation as a whole. Wake up, lemmings!!!!

  15. When you consider all the rednecks picking fights because someone 'disssed' thier fat wife's honor, along with all the whisky, shotguns, crystal meth, and bible thumpin' fundamentalism, it's easy to see why the deep south is so violent. the reason North Carolina has broken away from the pack is thanks to the influx of newcomers to charlotte and Raleigh and elsewhere along I-85. It's too bad a few of those newcomers couldn't teach some common sense to those rubes in brevard who believe in 'mountain justice'. we might have been up there with Maine then.

    1. Lets repeat 18960

      Let them go, just let them go, Please just go away ole Dixie

    2. Lets repeat 18960

      Let them go, just let them go, Please just go away ole Dixie

  16. That's what happens when you continue to send the Regressives in the GOP back to office over and over and over. As anoymous at 10:16 a.m. pointed out, the same Red States that are considered the most violent also lead in infant mortality, poverty, illiteracy, salaries, education, etc...

    Wake up, is right. Unless you're a billionaire, you're a sap for voting republican.

  17. You can make any numbers or blog sound menacing.

    Look at where the Top 10 Most Violent Cities are.......................

    America's Most Dangerous Cities #1: Camden, New Jersey
    Earning the crown of being the most dangerous city in America is Camden situated in the state of New Jersey. It is located right across the Delaware river from Philadelphia. In 2009, Camden recorded the highest crime rate in the country, which was 2,333 violent crimes per 100,000 people, when the national average crime rate was 455 violent crimes per 100,000. The economical condition has not been good as 20% of the population is below poverty line. It ranked high on all the six categories of murder, rape, robbery, burglary, assault and auto theft.

    America's Most Dangerous Cities #2: St. Louis, Missouri
    The city of St.Louis, the largest urban area in Missouri, has earned the title of being the second most dangerous city in United States due to the rampant crime cases it recorded in 2009. It ranks very high on all crime categories.

    America's Most Dangerous Cities #3: Oakland, California
    The eight largest city in California, Oakland has earned the third rank as its has been struggling with high unemployment and increasing rate of violent crimes in 2009.

    America's Most Dangerous Cities #4: Detroit, Michigan
    The world's automotive hub, Detroit is also one of the most crime ridden cities in America. Although the crime rate in terms of violent crimes has dropped in recent years, it still remains one of the most dangerous cities in America.

    America's Most Dangerous Cities #5: Flint, Michigan
    The seventh largest city in Michigan, with a population of 112,900 in 2008, is the fifth dangerous city in America. Although there has been a significant drop in sexual assault, larceny and homicide cases, there still remains one of the most unsafe cities in the country.

    America's Most Dangerous Cities #6: New Orleans, Louisiana
    New Orleans, situated in southeastern Louisiana, is the sixth worst city when it comes to crimes in USA, as of 2009. The city recorded the highest rate of homicide in 2002 and 2003. The low income neighborhoods in New Orleans are particularly notorious for their high crime rate.

    America's Most Dangerous Cities #7: Birmingham, Alabama
    The largest city in the state of Alabama, Birmingham records seventh on the list, due to the high homicide rate in this city over the years. It has seventh highest rank in homicide.

    America's Most Dangerous Cities #8: Cleveland, Ohio
    Cleveland in Ohio has stayed in the listing of most dangerous cities in US for a while now. It ranks high on rape, robbery and and burglary cases.

    America's Most Dangerous Cities #9: Jackson, Mississippi
    The city of Jackson, Mississippi is the ninth most dangerous city in America. It ranks high in burglary cases, homicide, rape and auto theft cases.

    America's Most Dangerous Cities #10: Memphis, Tennessee
    The city of Memphis ranks tenth in the listing of the most dangerous cities in America. It ranks high on burglary, assault, robbery and motor theft cases.

    1. Cities are not states.

  18. It's due to those Duke Boys driving around never obeying the Speed Limits while drinking that MoonShine!!!

  19. When I see studies like this, I often pause and wonder who exactly are behind these studies, and what their motives and methodologies are. I'm a native southerner, and while I acknowledge that there is violent crime in our region, I simply don't believe that crime is worse here than in NYC and L.A. I was born and raised in Louisiana, and I don't know anyone in my family, or my circle of friends, who were ever involved in violent crime, or were victimized by it. In fact, I feel safer there than I do here. Bottom line, I trust personal experience more than a faceless group of people who probably have never lived in the south.

    1. Are you kidding me? These are simply government statistics. There's no manipulation here. However, you fail to understand that as a region, the south is more violent than any other region in the country. Louisiana has the highest rate of violent crime in the country. It's not rocket science. NYC is not a state, nor is Los Angeles. However, if you want to compare cities, New Orleans is certainly more dangerous than L.A. or NYC.

  20. when countless statistic measures back up the source of the violence its hard to call it racism...its just facts

  21. they left out puerto rico lolol

  22. Such an irrelevant study...

    It is based on the "availability of small arms". So any state that has strong gun control will be high on the list and anywhere that freedom loving people have access to enjoy their 2nd Amendment freedoms will be negatively reflected on this agenda driven drivel.

    This "study" is nothing more than another left wing organization promoting an agenda and supporters in the media running with it like it is somehow newsworthy.

  23. Must be a left wing study.

    Not a thing about race as a factor in the violent crime statistics.

    Blacks commit violent crimes at a rate many times higher than their percentage in any community.

    We'll never measure up to Switzerland or Denmark for just that reason alone.

  24. Red states are red because they have more red necks and red blood flowing in the streets, due to the pandemic of guns and lack of education.

  25. Red necks? Jeez. That is so racist !!! Yes the south has its share of the illegal red race who have red necks but it also has a majority of white necks and plenty of black necks and even yellow necks.

    Lay off the reds. Such ignorance and lack of education.

  26. I guess my post of the Ten most violent cities, with most of them in the north and in California did't jive with you eh Franco?

    1. As a region, the South is more violent. Why is this so hard for you to understand?

  27. Birmingham was safer when it was full of rednecks.

    Even the black people were safer.

  28. Weird, the FBI's numbers also point to the south being more violent:

    I guess they're a leftist organization too.

  29. The South is also known to have the most mental illness in the US as well. Why? It's all about religion. People try to live up to a standard they find they can't then they beat themselves up over it. It's noble, but hopeless. They believe the Bible is literal yet ignore the parts that aren't convenient for them, and enforce other parts against people they don't like. It's messed up. Always has been, always will be.

  30. Got God Gang


    fast forward

    The Civil War was one big mistake
    THE GOOD NEWS SLAVERY WAS ENDED and the south became truly THE promised land
    " The land of milk & honey "
    Because communication was so primitive in those days, us southerners, just
    didn't get it
    We just didn't see the slavery industry for what it was but THANK THE LORD we
    now do, damn yankees were right
    Don't let the carpetbaggers take away our soul and our christian traditions
    my famous saying
    This is not a white XFLAGX I'm not skeerd
    I'm a southern son looking for my rays....HA HA HA it's not funny
    This is where I'm in the bible
    psalm 127

    more later.....

  31. "The South is also known to have the most mental illness in the US as well. "

    God God Gangrene appears as if on cue...

    Anon 9:34 trumps Psalm 127.

  32. They never stop trying to slander and libel the south do they? Rogues.

    The south is where is all began for America and where this nation was not only founded created and settled but who laid the foundation down for the Republic and wrote all its founding documents including the Declaration of Independence by 3rd president Thomas Jefferson and 4th president James Madision who wrote the US Constitution. George Washington was its 1st president for whom the capital is named as "father of the nation" and a southerner like Jefferson and Madison. All southerners.

    America can never escape its roots from over 500 yrs ago where it was founded by the great European white Latinos and Anglicans and the fact that the south is the heart and soul and real true America.
    By contrast the north was a complete mistake and would have never existed had the pilgrims headed for Jamestown Virginia in 1620 not accidently blown off course 800 miles north evenas they still named Plymouth Rock as Northern Virginia. A simple blow job made all the difference.

    The north and west are emptying out of that longtime mistake flooding south to Americas roots. Noone returns to their former hellholes also as we know and those still left there live in misery choas and confusion 24/7.

    Never forget the great south is your master and your superior and was first. Never disgrace or disrespect it or the ghosts of 500 million dead southerners in their graves over the past 500 yrs will haunt you eternally and expel you to the unknown. Treat it with utmost reverence or suffer the consequences. You are on blessed chosen sacred soil.

    And nevermind so called original red indian Asian migrants already here who were defeated easily who never owned this land anyway and came over over the Bering land bridge although technically the Europeans were here first anyway since Greenland is in the western hemisphere.

  33. Slave descendants had better get down on their knees and worship the great white elite savior for its very existence for without it you would be back in the wretched squalor of sub 3rd world Africa never have left that dark pagan continent totally ignorant of the immaculate enlightment wonders of the western world blessed European christian great civilization. You are the luckiest ones on earth taken out of darkness into the lightness. Take nothing for granted. European colonialism did help those left although. That which has been given can be taken away. Humble yourselves. Thank your omnipotent omnicient Creator for all that has been given.

  34. I as a white man from the south am truly sorry for what happened at americas beginning! The slave ships should have been sent back from where they came or sank in the harbor and all survivors shot.What a great America it could have been.

  35. idk wtf yall talkin bout jail cause in SC you get ten years for a gram of cocaine but the blame is not on one set of race nor the ppl that moved down here from the north its on us all somewhere along the way we forgot how to love each other and quit fist fightin and went straight to gun play but idc wtf they say i feel safe no matter where i go you can get killed anywhere you go crime is everywhere

  36. I grew up in Maine and now live in Charleston, SC. I work in North Charleston, a city known for being very crime ridden. Do I ever feel worried? Nope. All these crimes are occuring amongst the same group of people in the same areas. You dont go in those areas and you wouldn't know that there is bad crime around here at all if you stayed away fromt he news. Unfortunately, 95% of the crimes seem to be black on black crimes.

    1. Yeah, that kind of crime doesn't "count."

  37. The reason WHY the South is more has more crime is because the a high percentage of people who settled the region were the Scots-Irish or Ulster Scots...a very wild, illiterate bunch..."rednecks" if you will... Read book, "Albion's Seed: Four British Folkways in America" by David Hackett Fischer. Many of the African Americans of the South adopted the folkways of this redneck culture. For more on that , read African American Economist, Thomas Sowell's books. In fact, many pronunciations in urban culture comes from Scot-Irish culture (i.e. "ax" instead of "ask" etc...This is not black vernacular but Northern British.)

  38. Trust me, it's not the "Northerners" moving south. First, the south has long been a violent place. Second, when you look at who's doing the majority of the crime, it's born and bred southerners. Third, most northerners do not move to Louisiana, for example, and Louisiana has the highest rate of violent crime.

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